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3.Rear sheet contruction

Rear Sheet Construction

The rear section can be constructed in many ways and from many materials, there is usually very little load on the rear section so it can be made from plastic or marine ply, but I prefer aluminium. Regardless of the material the sheet should be 2mm thick. 

One suggested method is to use separate sheets for the upper and lower rear surfaces and glue them together at the tail.

A good example of this can be found on our build guide on www.instructables.com 

Another good, method if you have access to relevant equipment, is to fold a single sheet of aluminium, or heat bend plastic sheet.

If you want to use simple tools here is a suggested method for bending aluminium sheet.

For this you will need a drill, a jigsaw and preferably a blow torch and a bar of soap!

First take a sheet of Aluminium 2mm thick, then drill 6 holes along the centerline as shown. The holes should be large enough to insert your jigsaw blade. Then cut three slots between the holes with a jigsaw.

Use a plumbers blow torch or hot air gun to heat the metal between the holes to locally anneal the aluminium, this will give a much simpler cleaner bend. 
A tip is to get a bar of soap and mark a line between the holes with the soap in the area you are going to heat. You will then know it is hot enough to anneal the aluminium when the soap mark turns a black/dark brown colour.
One you have annealed the aluminium bend along the cut lines to an angle of 15 degrees as shown