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Note: Aluminium can have sharp edges when cut and so should be dressed to remove the edge, this is especially important when used for daggerboards which may be stood on to right a capsized boat.

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The foilnose is constructed from the special foilnose extrusion. The extrusion is made from 6082_T6 grade aluminium.

6082-T6 is a high quality strong corrosion resistant alloy, more info can be found on http://www.aalco.co.uk/datasheets/Al...Plate_148.ashx
Provision in the extrusion allows spacers to be added to alter the width and provide additional reinforcement or stiffness when necessary.
By altering the width of the extrusion and using different length tail pieces aerofoils and hydrofoils of different sizes can be constructed.
Also the addition a 1/2"x10Swg tube, as shown above, would provide a good hole for an M8 thread to be tapped into.
Even asymmetric aerofoils can be constructed
All this from this single clever extrusion
Examples of a finished part