Windknife offers the D.I.Y builder a simple, inexpensive and fast way to create accurate and durable aluminium foils of varying sizes without the need for expensive tooling.
We now offer two products the "Full Foil 27" and "Full Foil 13"

Full Foil 27 [FF27]
Complete 6063-T5 Anodised section
270mm chord
Standard Lengths
110cm 5kg - £90
220cm 10kg - £180

Foil Nose [FN]

Full Foil 13 [FF13]
Complete 6063-T5 Anodised section
135mm chord
Standard Lengths
110cm 1.6kg- £45
220cm 3.2kg - £90

This lower image is representative of the construction technique only and shows the profile of the FF27 not FF13